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An Eye For An Eye Malayalam Full Movie Free Download 7cb1d79195 Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF original title: An Eye for an Eye genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Thriller imdb: 5.6 duration: 1h 46min tags: What makes an ex-cop take the law in his own hands? keywords: murderofanasianwoman, liftingafemaleintotheair, liftingsomeoneintotheair, murderofareporter, partner, police, undercover, death, reporter, fight, triad, drugs, informant, revolvingdoor, securityguard, Sean Kane is forced to resign from the San Francisco Police Department's Narcotics Division when he goes berserk after his partner is murdered. He decides to fight alone and follows a trail of drug traffickers into unexpected high places. Sean Kane is an undercover police officer assigned to the Narcotics division of the San Francisco Police Department. In the beginning of the film, there is an undercover operation, involving an informant, and things go sour when Norris' partner is killed. He resigns from the SFPD, after his partner and his partner's wife, a TV news reporter, are murdered. Unknowingly to Norris is that the assignment that he was working undercover on was connected to a smuggling operation involving the Chinese Triad, and the deaths of his partner and his g wife are connected to an investigative report that involved the smuggling operation. In this Dirty Harry-like film, Norris goes beyond the law and goes after those responsible for the deaths of his partner and his partner's wife. I learnt a long time ago that Chuck Norris films aren't meant to be enjoyed, they have to be endured. They are usually slow-moving veichles to proport a vacant story over 90 minutes whilst giving you a constant headache all the way through.And yet I find myself watching this hookum piece of trash that seems to go for the "kung-fu-meets-dirty-harry" idea but without much success. The film plays as an action film, only - there isn't any - the only good sequences in this film come towards the end, where all hell breaks loose for no reason.Christopher Lee is fine, though pretty forgettable as the villian of the piece (to be honest, I don't really know what the plot of this film was - it just bored me to death), and the rest of the film is just tedious.At the end of the film (where I woke up) has Norris pitted against Professor Turu Tanaka, a odd-job type henchman - a role he seemed to fit incredibly well (as demonstrated in other films such as 3 Ninjas, Perfect Weapon, Martial Law and Last Action Hero).Not only does Tanaka actually look and act physically menacing, you actually think that Tanaka is gonna kick the living daylights out of Norris. Your sitting up (well I was) in anticipation - half expecting a rehash of the end scene of the Chinese Connection....however, its soon falls through.For some reason, Tanaka has one of his legs in a crutch or something, and slows his movement - instead of giving us a unique insight at how Norris would use this to his advantage, all we get is Norris doing a quick few kicks and a drop-kick and viola Tanaka is down and out for the count, no come-back, no big fight...I expected a lot more, espically when I saw Norris' reaction (yes, he actually has one in this film!) at Tanaka and how whatever Norris threw at Tanaka didn't phase him at all..Anyway, that is the only worthful scene in this worthless film. If your thinking - "hey, he's talked up the end-fight with Tanaka a lot, so it must be good, so I'll rent it" - take my advice, DON'T. Its very slow-moving, very tedious and very boring, but then again that isn't different to any of Norris' other movies.Overall: 0/10. 'Chuck Norris doesn't need a weapon... he is a weapon!' Oh, yeah. Don't you know it! This is what I like to see. Where can you get a Norris film which has him in a red sports car, flaunting a blinding fashion sense, glowing golden hair, a sensitive pet dog called Mort, Mako as his comical martial arts mentor, an unstoppable henchman, Richard Roundtree, Christopher Lee, haunting flashbacks, plenty of fodder for some ass-whooping and of course that fuzzy mo. Hey wait on. What, there's no mo on show?! I don't know, but I guess I have to deal with it. Even though it has dynamism of its own. More so than the man! Anyhow all of this can be found in director Steve Carver's "An Eye For An Eye", who was also responsible for the highly amusing and surprisingly stylish Norris' outing "Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)".Carver knows his stuff, by keeping it at a cracking pace, competent flair and plastering it with brilliantly stylised and choreographed action set-pieces. Some lively suspense, and jolting thrills are randomly worked in along the way. The premise is routine, and the twists foreseeable. Vengeance, vengeance. I think Norris has got vengeance on mind, and flashy slow motion is the weapon of choice. Of course nothing is going to get in his way. This makes it quite exciting, over-the-top and at times comical. Yes there's some intentional humour too, even in the wonky script. The San Francisco backdrop is well-used (from the gritty to the attractive) as its spaciously photographed and William Goldstien's moodily appealing score is pitch-perfect. The wooden plank that's Norris does what's needed of him, and strangely holds your attention in an adequate turn. A tip-top supporting cast give it a little more credit. Mako brings a wilful personality that suitably feeds off Norris. Richard Roundtree's cynical, frown-beating Capt. Stevens and Christopher Lee's smooth presence features largely as Morgan Canfield. Rosalind Chao, Maggie Cooper and Matt Clarke are solid too. In a role that's hard to forget is Professor Toru Tanaka as the formidable, stone-engraved opponent that Norris must encounter. A swiftly executed and undoubtedly engaging actioner. 7cb1d79195


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